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Current Situation
Solar energy has been around for over 50 years, but the cost to install and run a system was much more than power company supplied electricity. Before the cost of the panels was too expensive, in the last ten years costs have dropped substantially. However, there are too many hands in the distribution chain, which continues to make this expensive, and add little value. This causes alternative energy systems to still remain installed at a high price.

The solution
By eliminating many of the middle men in this supply chain, Always Electricity bridges the gap between the manufacturer and the installer, which reduces costs, and your cost as well. Our alternative energy system prices now make this affordable for you, and cost effective versus your power company.

The phone reps, salespersons and installers use our database system to both assess and track the entire process. By them using our system, we can provide a consistent and coordinated process so that they can become more effective and deliver exactly what you need at the lowest possible cost while maintaining a safe environment for your home, office or business.

We provide the best quality solar panels (25 year life), bracket systems, batteries (8 year life), battery housings, electrical and electronic equipment in the industry. Our solar panel systems are capable of withstanding 140 mph winds, so even hurricanes are not an issue. We want to deliver not only the best equipment, but also the best experience for you!

Federal law mandates that even with a solar system you can still maintain your power company connection. This way you can sell them excess electricity, or be able to use the power company's electricity if your demands exceed what was expected. The goal is to always have electricity and at a lower cost and more consistently than you have today!

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- 24 x 7 electricity, always
- lower overall cost to you
- sell excess to power co.
- panels withstand 140 mph

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