Solar Electricity

Always Electricity, lighting your home today and tomorrow!

If you came to this page, you are looking for electricity options for your home, office or business. With our system you will always have electricity, even if:
- a storm knocks out the power grid
- a tree falls and breaks the electrical line to your house
- a black out occurs due to higher demand than expected
- a major storm/hurricane damages the power infrastructure
- the transformer that leads to your house stops working

Our installers can design the system for your usage & needs at a low cost. In doing so, we use the best quality solar panels, electrical and electronic equipment. We obtain lower costs on equipment and pass this on to you.

In many markets your energy cost will be less than with the power company. This based on 25 year life of solar panels and 8 year battery life.

We install this new system, and can keep you connected to your current power company. This way you can sell the power company excess electricity, or be able to use their electricity if your demands exceed what the system can deliver, or as a back up if the system stops working for any reason.

- 24 x 7 electricity, always
- lower overall cost to you
- sell excess to power co.
- panels withstand 140 mph

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